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Pet Travel Do's and Don'ts

Traveling with Your Pet Millions of families travel with their pets. Whether you're on vacation, relocating, or just visiting family or friends, it's a good idea to be prepared to show off your pet's good manners (and yours too!). Here's a list of pet travel do's and don'ts for your next trip.

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Don't: Things NOT To Do When You Travel With Your Pet

  • Travel with pets who don't enjoy the experience, who are not fully housetrained, or who have behaviour or health issues that are not conducive to travel.

  • Allow pets to run towards or jump up on other guests.

  • Allow dogs to bark or otherwise disturb other guests.

  • Permit pets to lie on furniture or beds unless you:
    • Have the host or manager's permission; and
    • Bring your own covers for the furniture.

  • Leave your pet unattended in an unfamiliar environment unless:
    • You have permission to do s;o
    • You notify the host or the front desk and leave a cell phone or other number where you can be contacted;
    • Your pet is crated or has proven reliable when alone in an unfamiliar environment.

  • Allow pets to roam freely unless:
    • You have permission to do so;
    • You are in an area that permits dogs to run off-leash;
    • Your dog is well-socialized;
    • Your dog is under control and will come on recall.

  • Sneak in your pet!

  • Do: Things You Should Do When You Travel With A Pet

    • Mention your pet to the reservations desk at the time of booking. This will allow them to prepare for your stay, such as getting you a room with easy access to the outdoors and preparing any pet amenities they may offer.

    • Ask for details about their pet policy, including rules, pet restrictions, and extra fees.

    • Respect the rules (if you don't like them, find another place whose pet policies are more in line with your own pet 'philosophy').

    • Slowly get your pet accustomed to travel if he isn't already.

    • Bring your pet's personal stuff like food and water bowls, favourite toy, bedding, food, treats, etc. A pet travel checklist is available here.

    • Clean up after your pet, both indoors and outdoors. People who don't pick up after their dogs is one of the major complaints from accommodation owners & managers.

    • Take responsibility for any damages done by your pet.

    • Be a good ambassador for all pets who travel with their families!

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