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Top 10 Tips to Ensure Pet Sitting Satisfaction

Whether it's summer long weekends or Christmas Holidays, many pet parents take their pets - family members for many - along when visiting relatives or friends or simply when taking trips away from home - but some cannot.

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Knowing about pet sitting services is therefore "paw-fectly" valuable information to have. Equally important to know is how to pick a good pet sitting service to care for that furry little friend(s).

The following tips are designed to help pet parents know how to ensure their pets are well cared for at home when they're away.

  • Confirm the service provider is a current member of Pet Sitters International, the world's largest organization for professional pet sitters.

  • Diligently check all of the service's references - at least three should be voluntarily provided (ideally one veterinarian, one animal hospital, and one client).

  • Ensure the company is a registered business, is insured and that its sitters hold reliability bonds.

  • Confirm that your sitter has undergone reference checks and received proper training.

  • Pre-interview your sitter with your pet(s) present to observe interactions and establish a "comfort level" for both you and the pet(s) - this interview is often called a Meet and Greet.

  • Ensure the service offers 7-day per week telephone and e-mail availability.

  • Clearly state how you would like the sitter to use his/her assignment time in terms of walking, playing, feeding, cleaning, etc.

  • Provide veterinary and other emergency contact information and gather in one location all necessary supplies including food, medications, treats, and a leash.

  • Ensure the sitter can accommodate both your desired vacation schedule, including busy holidays, and the pet's daily feeding and walking schedule.

  • Confirm the service has "backup" measures and an "emergency plan" in place should your pet or sitter have an emergency that prevents completion of your assignment.

These tips should be considered cardinal rules for picking a pet sitting service. If a pet owner takes these 10 relatively simple tips into account before they entrust their beloved pet to an animal sitter, the owner can enjoy peace of mind that the pet will be well cared for.

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Amy Shannon Leclair, Owner, Loving Paws & House Sitting
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