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Why Regular Grooming is Important for Your Pet

Dog grooming Grooming your pet isn't just for appearance; regular grooming also promotes bonding between you and your pet; helps to helps to minimize shedding; allows you to find any lumps or other conditions that should be checked by a vet; and helps to keep your pet's skin and coat healthy.

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Basic grooming can be done in the home. This can include brushing/combing of the coat, brushing your pet's teeth (yes, really!), trimming nails, and cleaning ears.

Professional pet groomers can assist you with all of the above and more. They can also remove mats (although regular grooming will help to ensure mats don't form at all); clip your pet in a manner that suits his breed; give baths, either regular or medicated; and remove harmful substances (like skunk odor!). Here are a few tips on choosing a groomer:

  • Ensure the facility is well-equipped, well-lit, and clean.

  • Watch the groomers: they should be treating all pets with care. How do they handle frightened or uncooperative pets? Do they appear confident and knowledgeable? Make sure you are comfortable leaving your pet in their hands. Ask questions.

  • Dogs and cats should ideally be kenneled in separate areas.

  • How often does the staff monitor the pets in their care?

  • Provide the groomer with information on any health conditions or habits that your pet has that may affect the grooming session. Some pets may be uncooperative at first and will need to be eased into the grooming experience at home before being brought to a professional groomer.

  • If your pet finds it too stressful to go to an in-store groomer, consider employing the services of a mobile pet groomer.