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The Underground Pet Transport Railroad

Shelters and foster homes all over the world are filled to the brim with homeless animals, hoping and waiting for a special family that's willing to give them a loving and permanent home. Sometimes that special home is located far away, though - so what to do?

The cost of transporting an animal through the cargo hold of a plane can be incredibly expensive (and stressful for both the animal and the adopter)... and using the services of a dedicated pet transport company can be even more financially daunting. Taking several days or a week off to drive to pick up a new pet isn't always a viable option, either.

Enter the "Underground Pet Transport Railroad." A group of volunteers made up of truckers, pilots, and animal rescue groups have taken it upon themselves to transport these lucky pets to their new homes:

"Here I am, a big ol' tough truck driver, and I'm sitting here choking up right now," said Kiel, 46, who just transported the grateful fluff ball to a woman in California who was eager to give the dog a good home. "She was so happy to get that dog - just absolutely happy. It was so touching to see."

We say that it's incredibly touching to see these big-hearted volunteers willing to give up their time and their effort to get these pets to their new lives, where they'll have their very own families to love and care for them.

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