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Lemon The Duck

Lemon the Duck - Pet Stories Lemon is one of four Pekin ducks hatched in a Kindergarten classroom in April of 2006. Lemon, a crested Pekin, was born with neurological issues which affect her coordination and balance. She is unable to walk but she has become quite a little swimmer. She grew up in a classroom and with her teacher friend, so she is an imprinted duck. She's drawn to the many people she meets, especially children.

Don't feel sorry for this duck. She has a great life! She goes for rides in her baby carriage, to work every day with her teacher friend and home with her every night. She gets lots of love and attention.

Lemon has had lots of adventures - and consequently so has her teacher friend. She's been to the mall (many times), outdoor concerts, camping, to the dentist, the grocery store (shhh), to New Hampshire to swim in the Saco river, canoe trips, and so many other places.

Her favorite things to do are: cuddle, swim, EAT, stand up in her stand aid, scoot around in her scooter, and cuddle some more.

In the summertime, she likes to swim with her dog friends, Casey and Bandit. She LOVES to tease Bandit by pretending to go after his tennis ball in the water. Just when they're both about to reach it, Lemon swims right down Bandit's back like he's a water slide. He's left looking bewildered, only to fall for it again. Lemon also enjoys swimming with children. She'll swim right around them for a few pats on the head, and then swims off a little, teasing them to come and chase her.

Lemon is a joy to be around and has been a wonderful learning experience. She consistently visits special needs children. Everyone who meets Lemon is sure to fall in love.

Story sent in by Laura Backman, Lemon's biggest fan! If you'd like to get to know Lemon, please visit her website at She also has a children's book entitled 'Lemon the Duck'.