Pet Dog & Cat Stories

The Unsupervised Shopping Trip

One morning I got up and let the dogs out in the backyard about 5:30. I went back to bed for a bit. Then I got up, took a shower and started getting ready for the day. About an hour passed and I went to let them in... gate open... no dogs! Panic strikes! I jump in the car and go looking for them... stopping every garbage truck along the way to see if they have seen three beagles that looked like they were enjoying their new freedom. No such luck. After about an hour, I stopped in at home. Joey was sitting on the front step of the house (front yard) as if he had been there the whole time. Liar! Jorja and Jersey were still at large.

My blood pressure was climbing, I was in tears. Lonnie was frantic, screaming in the front yard for the dogs. Our neighbor hopped in his car and drove around looking. I called my mom and asked who you call when your dogs take off. She told me to call the police department. I start to dial 911. Then I thought, "This is going to be recorded and every employee is going to laugh." I hung up. I call the non-emergency number and explain that 2 out of 3 dogs are still missing... I am crying. The woman tells me to go to Walmart. "What?" I asked. She said she just received a call that there were two dogs on the loose at Walmart. I drive 80 mph to Walmart. Park in the no-parking zone and look around. NO dogs. I look towards the door... it can't be. There, INSIDE Walmart, are my two little beagle shoppers. They were found inside Walmart... and Jorja was helping herself to grapes!

There is one thing I would like to know, which one decided to go shopping? I now have to find a new grocery store because I will never EVER be able to shop there again! I sheepishly asked what I owed for the grapes... they were on the house. If Jorja would have just asked, we had grapes at home!

At this point I realize that I was still in my pajamas, hair standing up like a cockatoo, and slippers on! I was also wearing my glasses, the ones that Jorja chewed on one side so every time I bend over, they fall off my face. This happened twice while I was trying to get the runaway shoplifters in the car! Now I have to find a new grocery store!

Sent in by Tonya Salter, MN - Panicked Parent to Joey, Jersey and Jorja.