Pet Dog & Cat Stories

Blessings From Above

Short cat story There was a kindness in his eyes that drew me in from the moment I first saw him. We had an instant connection; but he was not meant to be mine. A friend knew I had helped other animals get homes in the past and she asked me to help her find one for this beautiful cat.

The cat was jet black; he had soft, sleek, fur and was very affectionate. He would wind himself around your legs constantly, purring and would jump into your lap when you sat down. I found myself attached to him quickly; but knew the task ahead, was to find him a home.

It was easy to find this cat a home. It made me happy to see his new owner thrilled to come and get him. He left my home and I really did not think about him again; knowing I had done the best I could to get him a good home was enough.

A few weeks went by and our family experienced the most devastating tragedy; the death of our adult son, Christopher. This was a very difficult time for our family and in those early weeks; pain, sorrow and denial were my constant companion. It was at this time that "Charlie" (he had been named by his owner) came back into my life expectantly. His new owner called, "I have the cat in the car; my wife does not like him; I'll be there in 5 minutes." he said. There was no time to protest. I was not ready for another pet just now, I thought to myself.

When Charlie arrived he walked in, greeted me with a big snuggle and a loud purr and settled into my arms. It was a great feeling. He stayed there for a long time, looking at me, and purring. When I put him down, he followed me around the house like a dog. He would follow me outside; staying close to me wherever I went. While feeding my donkeys he would jump up on the hitching post and watch over me.

Charlie was truly at home, it seemed, and I was sure enjoying the company and the snuggles were a great comfort to me at this time. I felt like Charlie was meant to be here and 'heaven sent.' Charlie stayed with me for 6 weeks, he would sit on my lap while I cried for my son, and he would make me laugh with his silly antics. We shared morning coffee; quiet times of reflection together and I shared my pain with him. Talking to him like was much easier for me that talking to friends at this time. I had grown very fond of Charlie and his love was returned to me tenfold.

One day as I sat out in the garden with Charlie; I began to cry as I had done with him many times. Then began to sob uncontrollably. I was grateful for his love and was missing my son so badly. Charlie waited as I grieved and then sat straight up; looked at me and meowed loudly as if to say, "Enough crying!" then he jumped down and walked off.

I did not know until later that day that Charlie was really gone. He left that day, perhaps someone else needed him more. I put up flyers, walked the neighborhood and never did find Charlie. I do however; remember how amazing a comfort this cat was in my time of need; how he was sent to me; loved me; helped I and I will always have fond memories of Charlie. I am sure he has helped others since he left.

Story by Janice Carabine of Wildomar, CA