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Maintain a Cleaner Yard with a Doggie-Bathroom Area

Dog bathroom space

Most dog owners have experienced (or seen) yards where there are numerous "hidden gifts" from the resident dog. You could be heading out for a bit of gardening, about to mow the lawn, or ready to bask outside -- only to see (and hopefully not step in!) one of these reminders of dog ownership.

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The good news is that you can train your dog to use only a specific area of the yard to do his business. And you can pick an area that's not going to be out in plain view!

The key is consistency. When it's time for your dog to take a bathroom break, physically take him out to the area where you want him to go. Encourage him with a verbal command, and use this command every time you take him out. Praise him when he does his business. Now repeat the whole process again when it's time for his next bathroom break. Patience is a virtue; you may have to stand there for quite some time, redirecting your dog back to the same area, before he decides to do his business.

If your dog is reluctant to use the designated area, try to make it more appealing by adding a shrub, a pole, or other item that your dog may like. You might also try putting down a few puppy training pads to encourage your dog to eliminate there. The pads can gradually be removed as your dog becomes more accustomed to using his designated bathroom spot.

Eventually you should be able to direct your dog to his "bathroom area" without physically taking him there. Your goal is to get him to go there automatically - keeping most of your yard "mess-free", and making clean-up much easier!